Hello, world. My name is Olive Scott, and this is my blog. If you wonder why I am so fascinated with health and wellness, then the answer can be found in my previous job where I worked as a yoga trainer. I was always into healthy living and yoga was a significant part of that.

The decision to move on and dedicate my life to other people through this blog and several other ventures wasn’t hard as I wanted to share my experienced and knowledge with a bigger audience than I ever could as a yoga trainer. I hope that you will learn a lot from my blog.




Welcome to the blog that is focused on the mental health issues and natural solutions of the same. You will be able to read many interesting articles that focus on different subjects that touch on mental health as well as tips, tricks, natural treatments and other health-related issues.

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Many people are afraid of thyroid surgery due to its invasive nature. I, like many other people, had issues with the thyroid gland and I also had to choose whether to suffer or “go under the knife.” I decided to go through with the thyroid surgery, and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. The procedure was quick and painless, so was the recovery process.

If you ever find yourself at this crossroad, then my advice is to go for the surgery.

Before Sleep Routine

Meditation is one of the rituals that can help you release the stress before you go to sleep. It’s quite simple as you only need fifteen to thirty minutes for the whole process. Just sit down in a comfortable position and take a good look at everything that is troubling you. Work hard on expelling those thoughts and replacing them with happy things.

Practice will make this easy, so don’t get flustered if it doesn’t work first few times. Attend yoga classes or read articles on meditation to better learn how to do it.

Quinoa is also known as a super grain due to the health benefits it has. It is a replacement for every other grain as it contains several times more healthy nutrients than other healthy grains. It is available in all health stores all around the nation, so do try it at least once.